I Dare You

So, one of my best friends–I have known her since Kindergarden–started her own 21 Day Abundance Challenge inspired by Deepak Chopra. We have been through tough and triumphant times. We have grown up together and grown into our adult selves. When she asked me to join, I initially wanted to say no. I have my own reading and writing routine, and have a lot on my plate with distance learning and graduate school. I was hesitant to take on another requirement. But, I am always open to new things, and she gave me a “get out of jail free card.” She said, if you don’t like it, then you can leave the group after the first day.

What I am shocked by is how it enhanced my writing routine. There is some sort of guided meditation and reflective writing prompt each day. I did this writing with my cup of tea before I wrote creatively and professionally. After the first and second day, I texted my friend thanking her. The combination of music and journaling set my mind in a place where I was ready to explore my creative writing and dive into my professional writing. I was grateful that I did give in to the uneasiness of trying something new and taking on a new writing and personal routine.

Had this not been a positive addition, then I would not stick with it. However, trying out experiences that push me out of my comfort zone often inspire me in ways I would never think imaginable. Now that I signed up for this group of like-minded thinkers, I am again thinking about joining or forming a writing group of my own.

I am also curious to see if when this abundance challenge is over, if I will dare myself to explore new avenues in my writing to push my limits and hone my craft.

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