Listening to Your Genius

I heard a writer speak about the idea of genius. How genius enters our minds and gifts us with creative expression. We—as subjects—do not control genius. Yet, in today’s society, when we are not filled with ideas, sometimes we can feel negative towards ourselves or our craft. But instead, this writer encouraged her audience to push forward, to not give up, and to find new inspiration.

It can be difficult sometimes to let a project go or to realize that we are no longer feeling inspired to pursue that original idea. This happened to me after writing “Pulled.” While I intended this project to be a stand-alone story, my family, friends, colleagues, students, and professors encouraged me to develop the storyline further. I entertained this idea and wrote an additional two chapters and mapped out possible plot lines; however, continuing with the writing process felt forced. I was no longer interested and no longer wanted to write.

It took me a few months to finally come to terms with my writer’s block and decision to abandon the piece for the foreseeable future.

Finally, I felt free. For the next several months, I quick wrote with my students and free wrote at home. I devoured science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian young adult novels and again began to feel inspired by a new character, Techa, and her quest to destroy the microgrogs. The last two years have been devoted to exploring this creative story.

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