Committing to Your Routine

Although sometimes it is difficult to carve out daily time to write, I have to commit to intentional creative writing time. The majority of my rehearsing—the composing that takes place in my mind as I drive, brush my teeth, cook, etc.—relates to professional writing whether for teaching, grad school, blogging, or articles. Very rarely do I think up an idea for the creative piece I am currently working on. I established a routine that works for me. In the morning, with a cup of tea, I read a few pages of a young adult novel. Just enough to get inspired for my own story. Then my goal is to write at least three pages in a composition journal. I still prefer my drafting to be with a pen or pencil and a notebook. Occasionally, when time doesn’t allow, I might write a page or even just one line. As Don Murray reminds us: “Nulla dies sine linea” [Never a day without a line].

Note: This post inspired a more developed blog post for distance learning feature on the PAWLP blog. To read more about writing routines visit Write.Share.Connet to read “Rediscovering Routines.”

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