As an eighth-grade English teacher, life-long writer, and curious action researcher, I am excited to create and reflect. I love Star Wars and most things sci-fi. Young adult dystopian and fantasy novels make me lose track of time as I become wrapped up in an adventure. Taking walks, participating in Zumba classes, spending time on my covered balcony, and observing nature help me to stay grounded and look for the simple moments in life. In addition to these personal hobbies, I also love to spend quality time with my family and friends.

In thinking about these facets of my life, I keep returning to speaking and writing. I compose in so many aspects of my world. Writing, in particular plays such an important role in my personal and professional life. It has always been part of my life: A way to determine who I am and the individual I want to become. Whether in the classroom, at my kitchen table, or living an awake life, writing is my passion–it makes me me. Creating the time and space to play with language and practice my craft is essential. I reflect and revise my process continuously, inviting in new possibilities. I also play with genres and topics in order to experiment with my writing style.

This website offers a glimpse into a variety of my writing: personal reflection, creative expression, and professional exploration. In the classroom, I write for and share with my middle grade students to model my writing process and serve as a role model. I publish both formally and informally to enter into the English teaching and researching academic conversation. And, I write creatively for fun, playing with craft and developing a longer sci-fi story. Of course, those aspects oftentimes blend and mix without clearly defined edges.

While you will find links to published articles in peer-reviewed journals and informal blog posts on the Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Writing Project (PAWLP) blog, the main purpose of this site focuses on the nuanced process of my writing. My blog serves as a collection of the various components of my writing life. It reveals the way I think about my writing and how I deal with the triumphs and struggles of weekly composing.

May you always find your way: for behind the cloud curtain, the sun still shines and the moon always rises.


Lauren Heimlich Foley